The purpose of advertising is to draw customers to your business. As a full-service advertising agency, Advocate does that and more.

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We want to help spread the message of those who already are. We believe everyone should hear His word and our passionate team of designers & marketers would be honored to help your church or ministry spread the love of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a small ministry looking to grow or a larger church seeking to spread His word further, we believe marketing resources should be available to churches of all sizes. We invite you to visit our office for a free consultation to see the difference that is Advocate Advertising Group.


“Digital” seems to be a frequently used buzz word but what does digital mean and how is it beneficial to a ministry? Digital can help growing ministries find their targeted demographic of potential new members. Advances in technology allow us to do this by determining if they have visited a certain zip code or city, or whether they have visited your website, or even whether they have searched for churches or Jesus’ love nearby.

Digital allows you to offer the word of Jesus or the love of your ministry family to people who are actively seeking help and spiritual growth. Targeted ads mean you can control who you are reaching out to, allowing you to scale your budget as your ministry grows.

Google Business Listing

We can help work with Google and your ministry to ensure your church’s location and information is accurately listed on Google. This will help new members find your location easier as well as allow you to show up on the search engine when potential new members search for a nearby church.


Show ads to potential members in a certain geographical area, in a certain zip code or city, for example. Our vast ad network spans major web publishers, apps, as well as social networks like Facebook. This advantage means we can target your potential new members almost anywhere, reminding them of Jesus’ love and where they can find His message and grace locally.

Social Media Management

Social media is quickly changing the landscape of how church’s reach out to millenials and beyond. We can help your ministry find and tell your story through curated content that is tailored particularly for you. We can also assist with the implementation of live streaming and social advertising to help you reach your target audience.

Web Design

A professional, responsive website can help your ministry spread the love and message of Jesus Christ, by allowing potential new members learn more about your ministry, its story, and members. We can also work with you to redesign your current website, obtain a domain name, or provide web hosting and monthly maintenance for your website.


While digital seems to be the current focus, it is important not to underestimate the power of traditional advertising and marketing. Your potential new members are still seeing outdoor billboards, reading the newspaper, and listening to the radio. It’s important to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes parts of all these mediums, allowing potential new customers to read or hear about the love Jesus has for them, then driving them to website or location to learn more about your ministry and specific story.

We also offer competitive pricing on other forms of traditional advertising:

  • New Movers (Send a mailer to every new person or family that moves in your church’s areas)
  • Branding (Logo Design, stationery, letterhead, business cards)
  • Banners & Signs
  • Postcards & Every Door Direct Mailers
  • Flag Banners
  • Canvas Prints
  • Video Production


The Advocate Group is not a “cookie-cutter” advertising and marketing agency! By taking a personal approach with each client, researching their needs and potential market, we ensure we provide better creative and more successful results to tell your ministry’s specific story.

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